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Hot Shemale Bareback Quickie.


INTRODUCTION: Hot Shemale Bareback Quickie.
From Monday to Sunday I offer a no-frills, 15 minute, Quickie service to guys who are extremely limited with their time and to 1st timers who may be unsure if seeing a Shemale is for them! How it works: You arrive, pay me for my time and then you raw arse fuck me, hard & fast, before loading my anus up with your cum! It’s that simple! No requests, no foreplay, no altering the service offered. One last thing, it is not my responsibility to get you to rise to the occasion and there are no refunds if you are unable to do so.

Added on May 19, 2019 at 12:00 am

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2019-05-19 | Hot Shemale Bareback Quickie.
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